T.A.G.G. is a modern lifestyle designer brand

T.A.G.G. is a modern lifestyle designer brand. Its collections include women’s ready-to-wear pieces. T.A.G.G.’s approach to design concentrates on the meeting of masculinity and femininity with a signature style of fine tailoring and attitude with confidence.

The core values of T.A.G.G. are fine-quality materials, high-quality craftsmanship, contemporary functionality and timeless design. The brand’s culture is a balance of contrasting elements: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity and fluidity and masculinity. The philosophy of the brand is the importance given to the attitude of women in terms of their style identity.

T.A.G.G. offers a timeless, convertible garderobe gathering uncluttered basics and manifesto pieces. The brand solves the equation of a garment that is completely wearable for a diverse range of individuals looking for pieces both quiet and singular.

Inspired and manifesting a modern perspective, the collection is infused with a freshness that propels the tried and true classic into the future of fashion. This contemporary approach taken on the signature pieces maintains the perfect balance of cool, understated elegance with high-quality materials.

The founder and creative director

Gokay Gundogdu was born and raised in Turkey and later moved to New York for study in brand management at the State University of New York. Then, he moved to Milan to attend Domus Academy in 2007. He has worked with many brands as designer and consultant. In 2014, he decided to pursue launching his own label. Gokay Gundogdu, founder and the creative director of the T.A.G.G. brand, imposes his modern vision creating high-quality ready-to-wear collections. His vision for his own label is to create clothes that are both luxurious and wearable, with a feminine but strong attitude. His signature style of tailoring, attitude with confidence and masculine femininity is apparent in his collections.