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T.A.G.G.’s first collection UTOPATRA is inspired from Cleopatra’s power and The Eye of Ra’s protecting and perfectionist evolution.

Cleopatra as an inspiration of the collection in terms of her powerfulness, opulence and regality supports the core value of the brand’s attitude with confidence. The name Cleopatra is derived from the Greek name which meant “she who comes from glorious father” or “glory of the father” in the feminine form.

While Cleopatra represents the shapes and the silhouettes in the collection, The Eye of Ra and Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph alphabet became the statement pieces. The Eye of Ra is also used as an accessory because of its psychic condition as a protective amulet. It is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, perfection and power. The jacquard made from the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph alphabet is the designer’s signature for the first collection. It is made by delicate yarns exclusively for this collection.

T.A.G.G. offers a timeless, convertible garderobe gathering uncluttered basics and manifesto pieces. The brand solves the equation of a garment that is completely wearable for a diverse range of individuals looking for pieces both quiet and singular.

Inspired and manifesting a modern perspective, the collection is infused with a freshness that propels the tried and true classic into the future of fashion. This contemporary approach taken on the signature pieces maintains the perfect balance of cool, understated elegance with high-quality materials.